Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Find a Mob

Former MP Larry Baldock has come up with an idea.

He wants a referendum on whether Citizens Initiated Referenda should be binding.

Once you've untangled that tortured syntax, untangle the equally tortured logic behind it.

Putting things direct to The People seems like a good idea. Except that the Mob is a fickle beast.

Who wants lower taxes?

We do!

Who wants more government services (Health/Education/Pensions/etc.)?

We do!

Who is going to square the circle, untangle the knot, and reconcile the craziness?


We elect representatives (as Mr. Burke points out) to excercise their proper judgement, and their consciences. We elect them to weigh up competing interests, do the maths, balance the books, and the country, on an even keel. We elect them to care about the things we need, and the things we are too busy to care about, but that we would miss--like sewerage, and paying for the Police, and road projects, and the even coverage of social services, and the efficiency of welfare procedures. We elect them to be bored stiff in our interest, and to work hard for our welfare.

Don't like the guy?

Don't vote for him again.

Think her conscience is smaller and more snappy than Paris Hilton's chihuahua?

Vote for someone else, or stand yourself.

But voting "Yes" to Mr. Baldock's proposed question is a vote to destroy the Supremacy of Parliament, a vote for sectional interest, demagoguery, and the mob.

We believe in the Constitution--and Dr. Swift says No.


Lewis said...

FYI the Clerk of the House is taking submissions on the question.

Swift said...

I have no problem with the question, except that the idea is a silly one.

In the immortal words of Margaret Thatcher:

"No! No! No!"

Lewis said...

For a second I thought you were going to throw the Argentinians out of Stanley...

Certainly - but you could submit that the question is pointless.

IMHO there is a place for "strike-down" referendums, albeit on petition to Parliament.