Monday, September 28, 2009

Hail Michael!

It is the Feast of St. Michael today--Captain of the Heavenly Host, and Mighty Upholder of the Faithful--and his crew, usually referred to as "and All Angels...."

St. Michael gets all the cool stuff to do--wrestling the Great Dragon, rescuing God-fearing Greek monks, leading Christian armies against Infidel hordes, and binding the souls of the damned at the Last Judgement--among other incidents in his long and varied career.

Dr. Swift really likes him, and hopes he's around a lot--as have Christians throughout history.

The Akathist Hymn to Saint Michael (cutting edge worship c. AD 600) sets out all the cool stuff there is to love about the Archangel, and praises God for His protection.

Archangel Michael, you show in yourself the strength of an unconquerable zeal for the glory of God.
At the head of the choirs of angels, you have withstood the arrogant daystar Satan, exceedingly proud and breathing out evil when he and his dark fellow-servants had been cast down into the nethermost parts of the world, while the heavenly hosts led by you in your glory shouted as with one voice for joy before the throne of God:


Beaverbrook said...

Is Dr. Swift still a Pentecostal, or has he moved onto more Catholic pastures?

Swift said...

Dr. Swift split the difference, and ended up an Anglican.


Beaverbrook said...

Good man!