Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Telegraph Notes

The British Scouts have allegedly been stopped from carrying pocket knives on field trips, as some kind of silly attempt to address Britain's "knife culture."

Dare one suggest that the problem isn't the knives, (as if inanimate metal can have a culture) but the people who carry them? Scouts carrying pocket knives produce an epidemic of--woodcraft. Criminals carrying knives kill each other.

And here's a shocking idea--introduce young criminals to some of the values incalcated in Scouting, and maybe they'll find something better to do.

Are the Beatles still cool?


That was easy.

Enough idiocy? No, wait, there's more.

The "Liverpool Care Pathway", otherwise known as "Granny, hurry up and die" gets creepier by the day. "The decision to withdraw treatment is an incredibly complex one..." I'm sure you're glad to know--like "complexity" is some sort of excuse.

The money quote in today's DT article is: "Under these guidelines, being rolled out across England, patients can have fluid and drugs withdrawn while on continuous sedation until they die."

So that's OK then. There are "Guidelines." All will be well.

The next time I go to hospital, I want one thing: a doctor interested in keeping me permanently alive.

Lastly, it was Mary's Birthday yesterday, and we missed it.

"...With all generations we call her blessed, and with her we rejoice and proclaim the greatness of Your Holy Name."

Chaire, Theotokos!

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