Thursday, September 24, 2009

Twilight of the Muppets

The legislation introducing voluntary student unions has passed the first hurdle in Parliament.

We hope it is passed--and soon.

It is iniquitous that university campuses still run (with some isolated exceptions) what is basically a closed shop, collecting student levies by compulsion.

It is a shame that Student Unions are run by the same rag-tag bunch of socialists and sociologists who represent no-one, and pretend they do.

It is a shame that Student elections are run with low turnout, student levies squandered on trendy political causes, student services creaking and inefficient, and student engagement generally low.

The analogy is far from original--it resurfaces every time a student union does something crashingly stupid--and that, Dear Reader, is often.

Break the stranglehold of the mediocre, the fashionable and the bizarre, the power-hungry and the loutish. Let some fresh air in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in the words of an old poster slogan, "it's time to get rid of the muppets."

Dedicated, with love, to the compulsory Student Unions: May they rest in pieces.

A one, a two, a one, two, three, four....

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