Sunday, October 4, 2009

God Save Ireland

The Irish Republic has said Yes to the Lisbon Treaty, thus subjecting her much vaunted, and hard-won independence to the European Union.

Eamon de Valera must be turning in his grave.

We know the argument from the Yes camp: Ireland isolated in Europe, Brussels cash, the unpopularity of the Irish government......

But what it boils down to is weariness--lack of confidence--a political kind of despair, and ultimately, an abdication of responsibility. Maybe the electorate were just sick of being asked.

We hope some other way can be found to sink the iniquitous Lisbon leviathan--but we are not hopeful. It would require guts, courage, confidence, leadership, and a strong sense of identity--the things Europe appears to be without. The deadly sin of accidie on a big scale.

From calamities and consequences, we pray God will Save Ireland--because the technocrats and failed politicians in Brussels sure as hell will not.


Lewis said...

67%. Ouch.

Swift said...

Yes, ouch.

Next question--what did they vote for?

Bearhunter said...

They voted for it because there was no option. Had they done it down again, it would merely have bobbed back onto the scene like some infernal turd in the toilet bowl of life. I think it was a case of weariness and possibly the thoughts of saving a few million for yet another referendum. And the anti-Lisbon forces were such a wretched bunch of misfits and dribbling lunatics (Coir and Sinn Fein, FFS) that they did the cause no good. I shall report in more detail next week, as I'm off to that sad land on Wednesday.