Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Love has no time constraints...."

Amy Welborn is always worth reading: thoughtful, interested and interesting, and never shallow.

Her latest meditation on doubt, death, suffering, lies and love is no exception.

The accusation, of course, is that believers offer nothing but pat, easy answers to life’s hard questions – wish fulfillment.

That’s frustrating because, of course, it’s a lie.

A lie!


Not that Pat Answers Blowing Off the Complexity and Mystery of Life have never been offered by religious people. But I don’t know about you, but when I read Scripture (those Psalms Kathleen Norris keeps telling you to read and live, you know?) and contemplate Catholic tradition, theology and spirituality, I don’t see Pat. I see..well, complexity, mystery and paradox and a peace and wholeness that comes when you see that the two actually match up. The Christian response actually answers the questions – and not just in their specifics but in their shape and general direction. I am sure that Chesterton or Lewis has said it better, but you get my point. Atheism has no answer for mystery, love, creativity, transcendence and suffering. At all. Christianity does, and it is not “The man in the sky will make you forget it. And while you’re absorbing that, give us some power and money.”

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