Thursday, October 15, 2009

Modern Dictionary II


"This government is moderate and pragmatic..."

Real meaning: I agree with the majority of the poll I just had my spin doctors do.

Carbon Neutral

"By 2012 the Hole Punch and Post-it Note Marketing Board will be Carbon Neutral...."

Real Meaning: None. Meaningless phrase used to assert superior liberal credentials (cf tolerant, bigot...)

Carbon Foot-print

"The Stapler Counting Division in the Ministry of Social Development is reducing our carbon footprint..."

Real Meaning: Religious totem replacing Sacrament of Penance (cf Inclusive, Puritanism (displaced))


1. "We must do something about child abuse/we must look after the poor"

Real Meaning:We must have more Government Intervention (see ideas, failed)

2. "We must improve government services..."

Real Meaning: You must work harder, and pay higher taxes, in order to pay for 1.

More to come.

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DaniNZ said...

These most definitely make me LOL