Friday, October 9, 2009

"Surely, the voice of a god, not a man...."

The Nobel Committee has given President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize.

This particular piece of slavish knavery leaves us speechless.

The man has done--well, nothing, for the cause of world peace.

No peace settlements. No conflict negotiation.

A trillion dollar bailout, and a few nice speeches. And that's it!

He is the king of sound-bites, the sultan of slogans, the scarily messianic usherer-in of utopia, to be sure. But he hasn't made any contribution to world peace that we can think of--unless of course the Committee feels that he is so super-duper wonderful, that he deserves the prize before actually doing anything--after all, is there anything Our Hero cannot do? Settling world peace is surely only a matter of raising that immortal chant, that anthem of hope:

Yes. We. Can.

The Nobel Committee seems to have given in to blind Bush hatred, falling down in worship before the personification of Goodness, the Great Black Hope and Teacher of Mankind--next thing you know they'll be calling him the Incorruptible.

We can think of only one fitting tribute to this moment. One song which can encapsulate the joys of many nations, as the People clap their hands together, saying: "Great is Obama of the Norwegians..."

Now, let our Powers Combine!


Beaverbrook said...

Give peace a chance

Swift said...

Or we could give common sense a chance.

I take the old-fashioned view that before one gets a prize, one should have done something to earn it--something more than being not-Bush, I mean.

Dani said...

I was so excited to see Captain Planet again.

Beaverbrook said...

Note that my impersonation of Lennon, "give peace a chance", was with tongue firmly in cheek.

Oh, Lordie, if you thought I was even remotely serious, I will have to be that much more careful next time.


Swift said...

No, I got it. I forgot my smiley.

I laughed--hard.