Monday, November 9, 2009

Death wish

Hone Harawira is sorry for his word choice.

He should have referenced "what European colonisers have done" apparently, instead of labelling white men as "mother-fu.....".

One might observe that whatever else "European colonisers have done" they built a country, which Mr. Harawira clearly enjoys taking advantage of in his comfortable armchair on Radio Waatea.

In any case, the gracious apology from the Honourable Member for Te Tai Tokerau lost some of its impact with his next sentence.

"If I should be suspended for swearing, him and his mates should be lined up against a wall and shot," he said.

"I'm saying to Phil Goff `beware mate, beware before you start throwing stones'."

Is this a call for armed revolution? An incitement to race war?


It's an idiot who can't learn one simple word.

European New Zealanders have earned our right to contribute to our country's future. We've earned our right to be here, and just like Maori, the right not to be discounted in debates about the future of our land. The Foreshore and Seabed Bill should go. And so should the chip on Mr. Harawira's shoulder.

Let's hear from the Disney Channel:


solatnz said...

While I agree wit Hone that what happened to Maori at the hands of the Crown is of much more consequence than his swearing, I am appalled by his behaviour and his self-righteousness.

There is no excuse for racist tirades, for abuse of his privileges as an MP or for his verbal-written abuse of other people.

I'm not sure that having him there to keep the radicals happy is going to be worth it.

Swift said...

I agree with that--but his good point (as well as his nice comments about his wife, and the case for him deserving a break) are getting obscured by his insistence on auto-ranting racism.

I'd be much more willing to listen to him if he didn't keep labelling me (among other "white men") a "mo-fo" "bastard"

He's said that's not what he meant--so why does he keep pkaying this record? Is there a constituency he has to satisfy?