Friday, December 18, 2009

Play it again, Glynn

The notorious Archdeacon Glynn Cardy, of St Matthews in the City, where cut price decaying heresies are warmed up like they're new, is in trouble.

He commissioned a billboard denying the Virgin Birth, and put it up on his parish grounds--coincidentally, about a block from the Roman Catholic cathedral.

Cue anger, agnst, paint, solvent, more debate, and finally, resolution.

His exercise in trendy sacrilege (see above) has been defaced by a heroic elderly woman and it will not be rebuilt. The bishop is irritated at the embarrassment, the evangelical and catholic-minded Anglicans are furious.
And the best thing of all?
The whole world has heard this pious fraud deny the Creeds printed in the Book of Common Prayer, the Articles of Religion, the teaching of the undivided Councils, the plain witness of the Bible, in favour of....


At least the old pagans who mocked the Virgin Birth, and denied the purity of Mary had the decency to worship something other than themselves.

No adoring hordes will queue up outside St. Matthews to worship the Spirit Within Glynn Cardy (If you do, watch out for a distinct tinge of sulphur).

No one will write music, or compose liturgy, or praise in choirs of many voices The Great Man, and The Spirit of Joy represented by the warmed-over Archdeacon.

No-one will be martyred, confirming with their death the Sacred Faith of Nothing in Particular.

So, of course, he must continue to wear his clerical collar.

He must continue to preach Progressive Christianity.

Ditch the collar, and he's another half-baked guru, another Amway snake oil salesman, another travelling Salvation Show.

Lose the collar, and you can see him for what he is.

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